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About My Corgi Art

Thank you for visiting My Corgi Art. Lovely to meet you!


My name is Kyoko, grew up in Japan but live in New Zealand. I'm the My Corgi Artist. 

I am in love with Van Gogh's art. His view of beauty in hardship and sorrow among us is indescribable in words but is describable in his color that was reflected by his passion.

I love to be near Van Gogh's arts...

My bed room has the Bedroom (3rd version) print in the frame. One morning, while I was imagining how Van Gogh lived in that room, my 16-year-old corgi, Minnie, walked into my bed room. The thought had occurred "what if Minnie was in Van Gogh's bedroom, what did she do? Did she follow him around in the room? Did she hop on his bed when he was not looking?"

Then I got excited imagining more. What if The Potato Eaters invite her for their supper?

I love Van Gogh and I love my dog.


I could not stop thinking - if Minnie explores Van Gogh's world, what did she do?

Van Gogh and My Corgi

Recklessly, I grabbed brushes, acrylic paintings and white canvas on 2 Jan 2021 for the first time. I had started painting animal collections as fun. I had never imagined that I "can" paint any of Van Gogh's works, but I really wanted to see Minnie was walking on the Terrace at night and many more. On my 13th day after beginning to paint, I  started painting the Terrace at night. On my 16th day of painting, I started painting "The Potato Eaters Welcomes My Corgi."  Then I kept painting more...


This is my disclosure.

Many talented and educated artists in the world impress me. When I see their art, I feel ashamed of what I produce as a beginner. BUT... All I have is - my passion - for Van Gogh, and my old dog who may be passing to heaven soon... I love to see two are together.


Many years ago, I went to Amsterdam only to visit the Van Gogh Museum. I still do not know much about the art like any professional artist but his work touches my brushes through my hands, and to my heart while painting them. I at least could feel who Van Gogh is in my own way. To me, he was a sensitive man who had humor and loved nature, animals, and even insects. He loved people among true human-beings where, when and who represented the hard work. He simply loved those things more than money and fame,and was probably deeply hurt and disappointed. It was because he wanted to be understood, accepted, and loved by who he was just like anybody else.

The love that he had for Japanese art, I do have it too as like I love nature, animals, and even insects too.


Dear Van Gogh,

I am

Wishing to share My Corgi World through the way you saw the world. Hope that you do not mind... I did not paint those to be reproductions. I painted those from my heart imagining that what if Minnie was there with you...

Dear lovely everyone who visits My Corgi World,

Hope that you enjoy exploring this world with me... I will be excited to explore many more art worlds with My Corgi and with you too.

About Minnie

Minnie is a 16 years old red Pembroke corgi, born in Oxford, New Zealand. She was a very good at catching a ball in the air and a very active small corgi. Only recently, she has developed dementia and is no longer able to enjoying seeing, but still smiling.

Hope that you enjoy how she enjoys exploring Van Gogh and classic art world! 

Bon voyage and enjoy your tour with her!

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